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Carlow Cheese

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Carlow Cheese - Elizabeth Bradley

: Savoury Cheese Stall

: Ballybromell, Fenagh, Co. Carlow

: 087 6124452


Guide to photos/pictures:
  1. (Cover Photo) Wedding cake made from cheeses..all cheeses available at Carlow Farmers Market
  2. Various cheeses
  3. Milking
  4. Testing the curd
  5. Cutting the curd
  6. Filling the moulds
  7. Brining the cheese in the salt baths
  8. Curing in the cheese room.
  9. Romanian sheep’s milk cheese made from summer grazing in the mountains; matured in canisters made from the bark of pine trees, boiled in the whey. It is brought to the villages in the autumn and used as part of the staple food for winter.
  10. Burda cheeses, cured in sheep’s bladders and pigs intestines.
  11. Traditional hand crafted moulds for soft cheeses
  12. Moving pasture
  13. Tasting cheese in Vaslui Monastery, Northern Romania.
  14. Oscypek – A Polish smoked cheese traditionally made in the mountains from summer grazing for the sheep. Very simple huts were erected in the mountains in which to make the cheese.
  15. Market Customers
  16. Elizabeth at market!

Handmade Farmhouse Cheeses are the product of centuries of tradition and experience; their safety guaranteed by today’s science. They are appreciated by the consumer who knows that ‘standardization’ is not the only measure of quality. In its natural state all our food reflects the seasons and origin of production – cheese made from summer milk will have a deeper colour due to the carotene in the grass. Winter milk will produce a paler cheese.

The cheeses available weekly, at the Cheese Stall in Carlow Farmers Market include a raw milk edam style cheese, plain and flavoured, made by Elizabeth Bradley from milk produced by a neighbouring dairy farmer’s herd;
Coolattin Cheddar, is a raw milk hand made cheddar made by Tom Burgess, from his herd of cows during the summer season. It is made in 16 kg truckles, with a distinctive red coating. ‘Pasture to Cheddar the same day’ – it was awarded a Bronze Medal in the British Cheese Awards of 2010.
Coollattin Cheddar uses milk from his own Friesian herd at Knockeen, a few miles from Tullow. This cheese is matured for one year and more before being released.

Traditional methods are used in the manufacture of both cheeses; allowing time to play its part. Cheese made from unpasteurized milk contains a host of microflora which are beneficial to our health and wellbeing.

The range of cheese available at the stall includes Irish farmhouse cheeses – both long established and newer:

• Carlow Cheese, plain and flavoured with Sundried Tomato & Basil; Nettle and Onion; Black Pepper; Hot Chilli; Cumin seed; Garlic and Herb.
• Coollattin Cheddar; (Tom Burgess, Knockeen, Tullow, Co. Carlow)
• Knockdrinna Farmhouse (Co. Kilkenny) goat’s cheese
• Wicklow Blue and Baun (John Hempenstall)
• Bellingham Blue; (Peter Thomas, Co. Louth)
• Gubbeen (Co. Cork)
• Ardrahan and Duhallow (Co. Cork)
• Cais Dubh, Fermoy Natural Cheese Co. (Frank Shinnock)
• Desmond and Gabriel (Co. Cork)

Other A.O.C. cheeses include:

• Comte extra
• Gruyere reserve
• Emmental Suisse
• Roquefort
• Parmiggiano and Pecorino
• Fourme d’Ambert
• Mimolette and Pave du Nord
• Brie de Meaux
• Ossau d’Ir. Onetic / Abbaye de Belloc (sheep’s cheese)
• Manchego
• Feta from sheep’s and goat’s milk
• Beaufort, Stilton and Mont d’Or at Christmas!
• Lincolnshire Poacher and Vintage Cheddar – an English farmhouse cheddar from the Jones’s dairy herd in Lincolnshire.

Fresh pesto, olive tapenade, a selection of olives, sundried tomatoes, sweet chilli relish, quince paste and other condiments are also part of the stall.

Also sells...

Tom Burgess Cheese

Owner: Tom Burgess
Address: Coolatin Cheddar, Knockeen, Tullow, Co. Carlow
Telephone: 086 3894482

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