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Prism Jewellery is owned and created by me, Martene. I am a native of Carlow town and my background was originally in science. I have been making handcrafted artisan jewellery for a number of years; it started out as a hobby but very soon developed into a small business.

I am passionate about my craft and the main objective of my business is to make one-off pieces that are affordable to everyone.

I use lots of different materials in the creation of my jewellery – precious metal clay (pure silver), polymer clay, copper sheet, aluminium and even humble paper.

Colour, prisms and rainbows are the inspiration for my work. Each handcrafted item is a unique piece but I also do custom pieces, if requested. My jewellery is light, so even though some pieces are large they are easy to wear. They would make ideal and not very expensive gifts to suit all occasions I can be found on Instagram @prismjewellery.ie_carlow. Pictures and reels, showing the pieces that I make, are posted there on a weekly basis. At the moment, I dont sell online because I prefer to meet my customers in person. To that end, my jewellery is on sale at the Farmers Market every Saturday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Feel free to call in and view my stand. I look forward to seeing you there.

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A unique gift for someone special. We hand craft precious images on slate. We can personalize your slate to make it a one of a kind. They make the perfect presents for Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, Christenings etc.

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I set up Under the Oak Tree Designs in 2013. The name Under the Oak tree Designs came from Celtic mythology where the Oak symbolizes truth, courage, wisdom and in Celtic language the word for Oak ‘daur’ meaning ‘door’ was seen as a doorway to other worlds.
In turn, I hope to create a design that bridges the gap between your message and your audience. To create a connection to your product with a consistency staying true to your ethos, across all marketing materials from visual identity to social media posts. To establish your brand, to encourage growth and drive sales by providing a solution focused visual that exceeds expectations and gives value to your ambitions and aspirations.
Evelyn O’ Brien

Plush Home Fragrances is a small candle business based in Carlow. We make handmade scented candles and wax melts and use only the finest ingredients. Our candles and wax melts are made with Rapeseed oil & Coconut oil wax, cotton wicks and the highest quality fragrance oils.

Check us out at Carlow Farmers market or on Facebook Plush Home Fragrances, Instagram plush_home_fragrances

Evelyn O’ Brien, Graphic Designer


Two years ago I was in beautiful Ballinskelligs Co Kerry and started experimenting with natural waxes, scents and colours that were inspired by what I saw all around me. The ocean, the sky and the wonders of wild nature brought ‘Hermitage-Molly’ candles to life.

‘Bringing the Outdoors – Indoors’ is our aim. By incorporating heavenly scents with pretty colours our customers can experience the wonders of nature from their own home.

A little bit about Raquel and the ‘Hermitage-Molly’ story. I am a Emergency Nurse and work in a Kildare Hospital. I took up candle making by chance really. I was fed up of the usual supermarket candle range and not great quality scents.

The designer candles were too expensive for my candle habit so I began experimenting with different waxes, scents and colours. I was happy enough with what I was doing but within the last year people who saw my candles were asking to buy them. So, in November 2022 I named ‘Hermitage-Molly’ and posted on Instagram. I got great feedback from that and was confident enough(ish) to do a Christmas market in Kilcullen. I was using this opportunity as a sort of focus group. I wanted to know what you, the public thought of the product. It was a sell out and I was spurred on by this success to further develop the brand. Is it easy? Working full time and developing a product and a brand is tricky but hey.. if it was easy everyone would be doing it! Join me on my journey and I promise that I will deliver a superb quality product that is made with love ♡

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Hi all, my name is Annamadonna Mc Donald, AKA Mall and I’m the force behind My big fat hat. I make original and unique one off hats for Men, women, Children and babies. I’ve been crocheting for many years, it’s always been my meditation and my relaxation so I decided to turn my hobby into a small business back 5 years ago.

I grew up in Carlow, so I’m very happy to be part of Carlow’s Farmers market. It’s great to see all the familar faces every Saturday and of course have the chats. See you at the Market!

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